Winter 2015 Residents:


Bianca Hlywa, Montreal, will create a series of performances that have to do with flowers. She is interested in the human tendency to avoid seeing the atrocities of the world, by “burying their heads in flowers” and will study this tendency by performing actions that revolve around the concept of only seeing, or being able to see flowers.


Fabrizio Napoleone, Vancouver, will complete his current work-in-progress, an adaptation of his own award-winning screenplay into a novella- with the working title: “The Winter Line.”


William Kherbek, Kansas City/Berlin, will be working on two projects simultaneously; both touch on the interaction between physical space and cognitive space. 1.) “The Peripathetic Lectures”: This work would consist of five lectures on five topics in five different London locations. 2.) “Temporary Borders”: Creating a series of “tape geographies” (similar to those which mark off construction sites) in different regions of London and documenting responses to the works over the period of the residency.


David Frankovich, Helsinki/Toronto, writes that he is “preoccupied with the problem of bisexual invisibility and erasure.”  He’ll further develop his performance work by “bringing it out of the institutions of the Academy and the Theatre, and into the field of everyday relations.”


Gen Doy, London, works with sound, performance and installations. Her work responds to history and place, and she is interested in sites of historical and social significance.


January 2015 Residents:


Lynn Price, British Columbia, performing "Consideration"-- she is a painter who will document her attempt to survive for four weeks by bartering her paintings.


Katherine Mayfield, Virginia, a writer who works in a homeless shelter for women.  Her piece is called: "Reclaiming our stories: Lesbian Lives in Fiction".   She plans to work on positive stories of lesbian women's lives and would be interested in how to connect with artists working in the LGBT community.


September 2014 Residents:


Sebastian Mahaluf, Chile.  "Measure of Balance": Mahaluf's work involves site-specific Interactive shape/space pieces, often involving volunteer participants.  VIDEO OF SEBASTIAN'S PROJECT: UNDER MEASURE


Nestor Armando Gil, Cuban-American based in Pennsylvania. "Mapping: An intimate tourism" : Gil's project is concerned with the production and distribution of "personal maps" of London.  VIDEO OF NESTOR'S PROJECT: TRANSMIGRACION



Rufus Stone Winter Residencies 2015    APPLICATIONS CLOSED


Rufus Stone ( is an artist-to-artist UK-based residency, of three weeks, suitable for self-directed and/or research based projects, open to artists in any medium (including but not limited to visual art, writing, movement, performance, etc.) at any stage of their career.  This winter, two residencies will be in London (16 Nov – 6 Dec), and three will include five days in London and then two + weeks outside of London. (1-5 Dec London, 6-22 Dec outside London.)


We are looking for five artists:

  •    Two Dorset-based

  •    One Cornwall-based

  •    Two London-based


We are especially interested in working with artists who have strategies for reaching audiences without the mediation of traditional institutions or structures.  We wish to support and learn from artists looking “to produce a different kind of art” who realize it is necessary to step through the existing models convention promises, and discover a way to access whatever may be on the other side—even if what one finds does not resemble art as we currently understand it… those that believe that art can not be reduced to an economic activity.[1]



  •    Accommodation (in the home of an artist)

  •    Utilities and administrative costs

  •    Advice re: accessing further resources

  •    In person and “virtual” discussions with artists and curators concerning work in progress

  •    The possibility of a “one-off” event in a London project space or the Rufus Stone Market Project

  •    The possibility of a “one-off” event in the home of an artist



Resident provides:

  •    Airfare to/from London and all local transport expenses (including London to/from Cornwall/Dorset)

  •    Food and all other living expenses

  •    Pocket money and all project funds




This residency programme has no external funding support.  It is based on artists enabling and supporting other artists. Rufus Stone is a non-political and non-grant-making collaboration of artists and curators. Artists are encouraged to seek their own funding through independent grant applications. If selected, the residency can be used as a “matching” contribution in grant applications—we can provide an official letter.  


The three residencies:


1. London-based with accommodation and possible access to a community space. Accommodation will be a private room in the home of an artist (where the other London based artist will be living as well). You will have access to wifi; bring your own laptop.


2. Dorset-based with accommodation: Artists will spend up to a week in London before traveling to Dorset. The countryside is lovely and the cottage is very comfortable and full of the artist’s own collection of art. It is situated on the west edge of the New Forest and is also within easy reach (under an hour by car) of the sea and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and other historic sites such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Salisbury. Each artist will have their own room but will be able to make use of the sitting rooms and kitchen as well as a large garden. Although this cottage is walking distance from a small village, there is very limited public transport.  It would make sense to rent a car for the duration of stay (Rufus Stone can help make arrangements); otherwise, expect to spend most of your time in and around the cottage and garden. There are few other artists in the area, and little opportunity for working with the local community. Expenses for transport to Dorset will be c. £15 if traveling from/to London by bus and then c. £20 for a taxi from the nearest bus terminus.  There is very fast fibre-optic wifi but artists must bring their own lap tops.


3. Cornwall-based with accommodation only: Artist will spend up to a week in London before traveling to Cornwall to stay in the home of two performance artists, a small miner’s cottage with a wood-burner for its primary heating. You’ll be based in the furthest west town in England on the West Penwith Peninsula, a World Heritage site recognized in particular for its mining history and ancient sites. Most economical transport to Cornwall is by bus (about £20) and there will be some additional expenses for the journey from the bus station to the house, which will depend on various factors. The accommodation is very near the sea and there is a large community of artists in the area. There is wifi but artist must bring their own laptop.


To apply:  


There is no application fee

  •    Submit 500 words describing how you would make use of this opportunity

  •    Tell us where you are presently based and about your current practice

  •    Provide email/phone of one reference

  •    Bio/CV

  •    Links to your website

  •    Up to 8 images/videos/texts representing your work and illustrating your proposal


Deadlines and dates:

Midnight GMT Saturday 01 Aug 2015. Applicants will be informed by the end of August or earlier.


[1] Essential reading in preparing an application: Anton Vidokle Art without Market, Art without Education: Political Economy of Art, e-flux